Clark Roberts

Are You Living A Life of Significance? Allow Ultimate Vision to give you tools to do just that!

Clark Roberts is the Executive Director and founder of Ultimate Vision. Ultimate Vision "Inspiring Others to See in New Ways" is a 501(c)3 non profit organization that teaches people of all ages that life does not stop when adversity occurs.  It is not a matter of if, but when, life is going to happen.   At age 24 Clark lost his sight to Retinitis Pigmentosa. He discovered that when life hits, you have to learn how to embrace the challenge, find your potential and live life to its fullest! 

Clark is a subject matter expert who has dedicated his life to sharing a message of hope and encouragement. From CEO's in Corporate America to students ranging in age from Preschool - High School, Clark has shared with thousands of people, providing tools and knowledge to inspire and motivate them to see their life and their opportunities differently. He shows each person how to reach beyond their limitations inspiring them to live a life of significance, one with compassion, kindness and confidence. Through this increased awareness each person learns how to overcome the challenges that life can bring, celebrate their differences, and live a life that is full and rewarding, inspiring others to do the same.

Clark has a natural gift of humor, is married to his amazing wife Karrie and has a son who is married and a daughter that is attending college, each of them love to mess with him regarding his sight loss. Clark is also an author and enjoys story telling. He is an outdoor and sports enthusiast, who loves to downhill ski, tandem cycle, water ski, drive rally cars, jump out of perfectly good airplane, swim and hike in the beautiful Pacific Northwest.

Youth Leadership Programs

Engaging the youth of today!

Clark Roberts and his friends at Eastside Christian Fellowship after Clarks message "Life is a Puzzle - What are you Doing with the Pieces".

Clark Roberts and his friends at Eastside Christian Fellowship after Clarks message "Life is a Puzzle - What are you Doing with the Pieces".

Clark Roberts strongly believes in supporting youth leadership programs, because of the positive impacts that are made on teens from participating.  Washington Business Week is one such program.  For many students, this will be the first time in their life where they get hands on experience with real life business simulations.  Clark’s life experience and approach to challenges fits perfectly with these kinds of programs.

Through good humor and humility, Clark speaks to students throughout the year, teaching awareness & diversity education through “Ultimate Vision.” His goal is that they embrace their potential, overcome obstacles & remove judgmental barriers that can hinder self development.  Clark challenges the youth of today to look at their life and determine what they are doing with the different pieces ("Life is a Puzzle...") and how to impact others along the way. With these kinds of tools, students will be better prepared to meet the challenges ahead.


Clark has also participated in the Renton School District Career Day at Nelson Middle School. The school brings in speakers representing different career paths to motivate and inspire the students to ask questions and seek answers regarding future opportunities.

Watch Clark take a leap of faith!

TRY That with your eyes closed! extreme SKI!