With each donation, we are able to create and provide programs & curriculum to schools across the country. By partnering with us you make it possible for Ultimate Vision to inspire children of all ages to reach out and be a friend, giving the gift of kindness, compassion and confidence, teaching children how to celebrate each other's differences.  With your assistance, we can continue to inspire a child's heart, change a child's life and transform a child's future in schools and communities across the United States. 

Ultimate Vision is qualified for tax exemption under Section 501 (c)(3) of the IRS Code, our EIN is 82-2449425  Contributions are tax-deductible to the extent allowed by law. You can partner with us and make a tax deductible donation by clicking the donate tab. Your generosity is appreciated and assists in educating and changing the lives of children (and adults)

Ways to give

As a non-profit organization, Ultimate Vision relies on the generous contributions of individuals and businesses. You can give to Ultimate Vision on a one-time or regular basis in a variety of ways. You can give a "Gift in Kind", you can give a cash gift or credit card donation, or give online via our website. Your financial partnership is a vital component to the continuation of Ultimate Vision's ability to continue Inspiring Others to See in New Ways . If you would prefer to give of your time we would love to have you as part of our Ultimate Vision community, please contact us as we have many ways in which you could volunteer your services.  


DONATE YOUR BIRTHDAY is a way that you as an individual can choose to turn a birthday celebration into an incredible gift for others inspiring them to do the same! . Each individual chooses to not receive presents, but instead they receive donations to sponsor a specific school or children's organization through Ultimate Vision, transforming a generation to see in new ways!  We then work with the school/organization to come in and give the gift of kindness, compassion and confidence to their students leaving them each with the gift of reading and continued inspiration.

100% of all the funds raised go directly to put books in hands of children. PLUS, they will get to see exactly what child or school/organization their funds are going to support. 

You can either sign-up to donate your own birthday, or generously support someone who is. We can all make a difference. 

The Gift

As we strive to give the gift of confidence, kindness, encouragement and celebrating each other, we then "Give the Gift of Reading" by placing a book in the hands of a student. This encourages continued learning and continued inspiration and growth through reading and family engagement. Join us in inspiring generations through the gift of reading!