What People are Saying 


"Clark Roberts spoke for our disAbility Awareness “Nothing is Impossible” Event. Our employees described the event as “Awesome” and many are still talking about what they learned.  Clark shared how we all have potential no matter what type of visible or invisible disabilities we may have.

Eli Mendoza - Engineering Manager, Boeing. Kent, Wa


“Clark Roberts was a speaker at our recent Vision Banquet for Gateway Medical Alliance. Clark connected with the audience through his story and inspired them to think more about what it means to have HOPE and to PERSEVERE through hard times. Clark’s presentation was rewarding for all who attended our banquet."

Greg Plett – Executive Director, Gateway Medical Alliance. Kent, Wa


"...I had the chance to see Clark present at our Newcastle Chamber of Commerce. It was a different presentation on overcoming diversity... “Everyone needs to hear Clark’s story to learn, be inspired, and develop empathy and understanding..."

Vicki Heck – Newcastle Library. Newcastle, Wa


"...We found Clark's story to be most compelling. He shared details of his extraordinary life and ability to overcome adversity in a message of inspiration, hope, and transformation. His easy speaking manner was most appreciated by the audience as they instantly identified with this man's physical and psychological challenges that few, if any of us, will ever face in our lifetimes..."Clark's story of overcoming adversity provides an apt metaphor for overcoming any number of life's challenges, big or small. “

Randall H Ohlendorf - President, Newcastle Chamber of Commerce. Newcastle, Wa


"Your message of TRUST and your delivery style kept the attention of every student, which is not easy with high school juniors sitting on hard aluminum bleachers. I’m sure that our students and adult company advisors will look at the UNCERTANTIES they face with a different perspective and more commitment and confidence to overcome them."

Greg Hamilton – Chairperson, Okanogan Omak Business Week. Omak, Wa


“...Mr. Roberts is a perfect speaker on themes of seeing challenges as opportunities, teamwork, taking calculated risks, perspective, seeking out opportunities, and enjoying life. My students were enlightened and inspired; I hope that many more students can learn from Mr. Roberts.

Mary Ingraham - A.V.I.D. Tillicum Middle School. Bellevue, Wa


“Clark is good at keeping a vision alive inside of himself and sharing hope for others to do the same. He lets you know that you can succeed.”

Karla Busenbark – A.V.I.D. teacher, Chinook Middle School, Bellevue, Wa


“…Mr. Roberts is a perfect example of how people can learn to deal with adversity and, as he puts it, “turn the rocks of life into stepping stones rather than stumbling blocks.”

Byron Lewellen – A.V.I.D. & English teacher, Everett High School. Everett, Wa


“It is very clear Mr. Roberts has the ability to help our young and young adults be aware of an ability we all hold whether we are disabled or not.”

Kitty Chadwick (Counselor) Skyway Elementary. Coeur d’Alene, Id


“Clark’s message and approach to the students gave them a sense of strength and hope that they can make a difference in their futures.”

Chris Hammons – Principal, Lakes Middle School. Coeur d’Alene, Id


“…Clark Roberts demonstrates celebrating differences, helping students recognize challenges as growth opportunities, and supporting students to take on their challenges as personal growth objectives.” “.…Clark has a compelling story and can share his emotions as well as the struggles he encountered moving from a life of sight to a life of blindness. His story, and his willingness to share it, helps students put their own day-to-day challenges into perspective.”

Judy Buckmaster – Principal, Tyee Middle School. Bellevue, Wa